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Article: "Grocery Outlet to Open 25 New Stores in 2018"

"Company focusing on LA marketplace with 14 new locations"

Grocery Outlet plans to open at least 25 new stores in 2018. The discount supermarket company is focusing growth on its already existing markets—which include California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Pennsylvania—with a predominant focus on Los Angeles, where 14 of the 25 new stores will be located.

Layla Kasha, VP of marketing for Berkeley, Calif.-based Grocery Outlet says,

“We're fairly new to that market. We started [in Los Angeles] in 2015, so we're working hard to build a stronger presence there. We’re looking forward to being able to say at the end of the year that we have close to 40 stores in L.A., and 75 in Southern California. That's a big step for us.”

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Published Jan. 05, 2018


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